As a hotel of Estonian design and stories, Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria was pleased to contribute to the success of Design Week, which saw exhibitions of Estonian design featured all over Tallinn. Guests of Estoria remarked that the most interesting of them was the display of works in Viru Keskus that competed in the Estonian design competition final; there were also excellent reviews for the selection on show at the pop-up design store at Estoria. Here the inspiring creations of Igor Volkov, Monika Järg, Stella Soomlais, Reet Aus, Mare Kelpman, Emma Leppermann, Pavel Sidorenko, Karmen Saat, Maria Rästa and many others were shown.

The works of many designers have been incorporated in Estoria since the opening of the hotel.

Come and see for yourself!

Accommodation offer in Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria, Tallinn

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