Enter your room with a mobile key

We want to offer our customers the opportunity for fast, smooth and secure transactions with our constantly evolving digital services. In October, we were the first hotel chain in Finland to introduce electronic passenger cards in all Sokos Hotels in Finland. 
Now we introduce the mobile key. Easy and safe. Check-in online with the Sokos Hotels application on the day of arrival, complete the electronic passenger card and use your mobile key for entry. Initially, the service will be available to S-Card loyalty members who use our application. The mobile key can be activated at any time during the stay.
Original Sokos Hotel Tripla in Helsinki is the first to introduce a mobile key. The mobile key will first be available for iOS devices, and the service will later in the spring also be available for Android users and in more of our hotels.  
Prior to your arrival at the hotel:
  • Check in with the Sokos Hotels application
  • Complete the pre-filled electronic passenger card
  • Activate your mobile key
  • The mobile key is activated for use when your room is ready