Customer experiences from Iisalmi

"I got coffee on a Sunday two hours before breakfast time. Thank you!"

"Service at the reception is fantastic. Even my dog was welcome."

"Friendly and happy staff. Rosso's dish was excellent."

"Local food at breakfast++"

"What really put you into a good mood: excellent service and friendly staff. Cheerful, efficient service!"

"A good idea to serve local food! Welcoming package for the dog really super! Dog says thank you!"

"Ten points for the person who made porridge for breakfast: really smooth and tasty. And nice music accompanying the breakfast; all in all, a good choice!"

"Everything OK: generous and tasty breakfast, special thanks for the tranquil room. It's good that people support local business."

"It's always nice to come back. Great service at reception and in the restaurant. Special thanks for the excellent restaurant food; the chicken pasta was really superb."