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We are developing sign-in at and the Sokos Hotels app. During this autumn, signing in to both services will require a verified email address. That is why it is worth confirming your e-mail address now, so that with the coming changes in September, transactions in our digital services will continue smoothly without interruption.
If you now have separate S-codes for S-Card and customer owner transactions, please note that they must have different e-mail addresses in the future. The same email address cannot be verified as a contact for multiple S-codes. However, you can always attach information about both your S-Card and your customer ownership to the same code if you wish.
Why is our website prompting you to verify your email address?

Verifying email addresses is a commonly used way to make sure a person has access to the email address in their information. You can confirm your e-mail address by logging in to our website with an S-code at