Andrea recommends – skiing gives you a shot of positivity!

Andrea recommends – skiing gives you a shot of positivity!

It was a long wait for snow this year, so skiing fans are even more enthusiastic than usual when hitting the nicely maintained ski tracks on workdays and at weekends alike. Moderate physical exercise, fresh air and beautiful nature are the factors that make Andrea, the Sales Manager of Original Sokos Hotel Viru, hit the ski tracts at every opportunity.

Andrea's favourite places in Tallinn are the lit tracks at Pirita and Nõmme. You can ski in the classic style or freestyle, the shorter tracts are 1-2 km long and the longest tracks are 7.2 km at Pirita and 15 km at Nõmme. You can also rent skiing equipment at both places. Kõrvemaa Ski Resort and Valgehobusemäe Ski Centre, both in the midst of wonderfully beautiful landscapes, are 50 to 60 km from Tallinn.

Andrea advises people who love downhill skiing to drive in the direction of Ida-Viru County and turn to the Kiviõli Ski Centre. The centre, which was built on a man-made ash hill, and the surrounding industrial landscapes are a sight to see, and the longest slopes in Estonia are also here. The centre is 130 km from Tallinn, so getting back to our cosy hotel for the night is not a problem. You can also enjoy the winter at the skating rink on Harju Street in Tallinn Old Town or got for an adventure on the ice roads between the islands in Western Estonia.

Andrea has loved cross-country skiing for as long as she can remember. However, the first time she went downhill skiing was 20 years ago at the Pyhä-Luosto Centre in Finland. "As I was going uphill on the ski lift, there were five times when I thought about jumping off it, as I had no idea how to tame downhill skis," said Andrea. "This time, I just walked down the slope. And went to downhill skiing school, as it's never too late to learn."