Radisson Blu Seaside Helsinki view from rooftop lounge
Radisson Blu Seaside, Helsinki

Accumulate additional S-Card points at Radisson Blu Hotels in the Helsinki metropolitan area

Your stays at Radisson Blu Hotels in the Helsinki metropolitan area are now even more rewarding! As an S-Card customer, you now earn significantly more points than usual for your purchases. Usually, your S-Card purchases earn you at least 2% back in S Points, and during the Radisson Blu Hotels extra points campaign, you will earn an additional 10% more points for your accommodation, meeting and restaurant purchases.  Be sure to make use of this incredible benefit!
The benefit applies to all room reservations with a check-out and payment time during the 1 July–31 August 2022 campaign period. The campaign benefit also applies to meeting, sauna and restaurant bills paid during the campaign period, even if you do not stay at the hotel. To receive the benefit, you must have an S-Card membership that is valid during the visit
Both the S Points and additional points for any purchases made during the campaign will be paid to your account on 3 August 2022 for purchases made in July, and on 3 September 2022 for purchases made in August. The additional points are valid for 12 months from their date of payment, and one additional point has a value of one euro. The points can be used as cash to pay for accommodation, restaurant and meeting services at any of our hundreds of locations. 
How many points will I earn at Radisson Blu Hotels?
For example, if your campaign purchase is €100. During the current membership period, you have accumulated less than €1,700 in S-Card purchases, so your normal bonus accumulation is 2%, which comes to a total of 2 S Points. In addition to this and regardless of your bonus accumulation, you will earn a further 10% of extra points, which means 10 additional points for a purchase of €100. This comes to an amazing total of 12 S Points.
Campaign terms
The campaign is available at the following hotels:
Radisson Blu Hotel, Espoo
Radisson Blu Hotel Aleksanteri, Helsinki
Radisson Blu Hotel Plaza, Helsinki
Radisson Blu Hotel Royal, Helsinki
Radisson Blu Hotel Seaside, Helsinki

You can make your booking directly from Radisson Blu Hotels website.
The extra points are paid for all room reservations with a check-out and payment time during the 1.7 - 31.8.2022 campaign period, as well as for meeting and restaurant purchases made during the 1.7 - 31.8.2022. The accumulation of extra points does not require separate registration for the campaign. The additional points are granted to all our customers with valid campaign purchases.  The general terms for S Points in the S-Card programme apply to the earning, granting, validity and use of additional points. You can read the detailed terms at: S-Card Terms and Conditions –
Payment and validity of points
Extra points are paid to your account on the third day of every month based on the previous month's purchases, like normal S Points. 
The extra points are valid like normal S Points for 12 months from the date they were granted. 
Extra points may be used for payment like the normal S Points, and are valued at a rate of 1 additional point = €1.