Seurahuone Apartments

A few tips for your stay at Seurahuone Apartments

There are 42 new Seurahuone Apartments. All apartments have a free WiFi connection, a bathroom and a fully equipped kitchen with a microwave, cooker, crockery and utensils. Some apartments also have a sauna and nice bunk beds for kids. The penthouse suite with its terrace is a luxurious option when you are looking for something extra.

Seurahuone Apartments are located in the building next to Hotel Tott. The distance from Hotel Seurahuone reception is 300 metres along a beautiful waterfront route. The services at Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone, such as the restaurants and sauna facilities, are also available. 

Here are a few tips for your stay at Seurahuone Apartments:

Check-in at the reception of Hotel Tott in June, July and August (SATAMAKATU 1)

Accommodation at Tottinkatu 17 A and B (Sokos Hotels flag at the doors of Blocks A and B guide you to the right door).

Pre-booked paid parking is available in a multi-storey car park opposite Hotel Tott or in the Seurahuone car parks for €16/night or €11/night for business travellers with an S-Etukortti card. There are 8 electric car charging points in the Seurahuone car parks. Charging works with the ABC-mobiili mobile app. 

Free parking is available along Tottinkatu and in the parking areas next to the Police Station at Tottinkatu 11 and Tottinkatu 5.

Breakfast is included in the room rate of all room types (excluding long-term accommodation). In June, July and August, breakfast is served in Hotel Tott's breakfast room on the ground floor Mon–Sun at 7am–10.30am. During the rest of the year, breakfast is available at Original Sokos Hotel Seurahuone.

Room-service breakfast is available at Seurahuone Apartments when Hotel Tott is open during the summer months.

Room service is available at Seurahuone Apartments when Hotel Tott is open during the summer months. 

Guest saunas Hotel Tott's guest saunas are available daily at 5pm–9pm for those staying at  Seurahuone Apartments. Separate saunas for men and women. You access the saunas with your keycard during the opening hours of the saunas. The saunas are located on the ground floor of Block A of Hotel Tott by the reception in the lobby. We recommend that you take a towel from your room.

You can also use the saunas at the main hotel Seurahuone on the 6th floor. The sauna called Löyly is for men and Kiulu for women on Mon–Sun evenings at 5pm–10pm. We recommend that you take a towel from your room. 

Enjoy the warmth of the sauna!


Check-out at the reception of the main hotel Seurahuone and Hotel Tott.