Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna includes many original pieces of furniture dating back to 1952 when the hotel opened. For example, the magnificent armchairs designed by architect Erkki Huttunen stand tall and proud in hotel rooms and lobbies.

Rooms on top floors have exciting double doors, one of which is convex and the other one is straight. Huttunen originally got this idea from the USA where hotel guests used to leave their laundry between room doors. When the floor maid came to pick up the laundry, they did not need to disturb any of the guests. There was plenty of room for shoe and clothes bags between the doors.

In the restaurant lobby on the tenth floor, you can find two striking wooden phone booths underneath a streamlined swimmer sculpture. Welcome and see what phone booths looked like in the 1950s before any mobile phones and also to enjoy a delicious dinner in restaurant Loiste.

The current children's play room in Loiste was formerly a combined cinema and private dining room – a place to watch a film while enjoying dinner, which was a rarity in Finland at the time.