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Solo Sokos Hotel Pier 4
Solo Sokos Hotel Pier 4

Future hotel experience

Solo Sokos Hotel Pier 4 will be opened in the summer of 2024 at the most luminous place in Helsinki, on the shore of Katajanokka.

The hotel will be opened in summer 2024.


Future hotel experience

Solo Sokos Hotel Pier 4 has a grandstand view of the sea and Helsinki's city culture. There will be a terrace on the roof of the building with a sea view, and the ground floor restaurant invites you to enjoy the unique atmosphere of Katajanokanlaituri.

The serene atmosphere of the hotel rooms and the lively meeting rooms and restaurants come together seamlessly. The rooms on the seashore side offer a view of the ever-changing Finnish seascape: from the hazy morning to the last light in the evening; from calmness to a roaring sea.

Hotel contact information

  • Katajanokanlaituri 4
    00160 Helsinki


  • 0300 870 000

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