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Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Vaasa

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna is a classy and personal hotel in the heart of Vaasa. Its location by the square close to a shopping centre offers excellent shopping opportunities. Vaasa's beautiful and historic buildings have wonderful stories to tell. What is more, the idyllic sea is only a stone's throw away from the centre of Vaasa. 

The Kvarken Archipelago and nature are the true gems of Vaasa and its surroundings. We also want you to feel close to nature as our guest. The magnificent photos displayed at our hotel tell you stories of our World Heritage sites. You can also experience all this in our rooms. You can feel the spirit of the Archipelago by staying in the Kvarken cabin, our legendary theme room. Our other theme rooms are also worth seeing and experiencing. The hotel's restaurants and meeting services also offer something for all tastes, for work and festivities.

At Vaakuna, we want to stand out from the rest, do everything with a big heart and be original. We wish you warmly welcome – here you are number one!

Rewell Center 101 65100, Vaasa
Rewell Center 101
65100, Vaasa
020 780 88 00 prices Calls from a fixed-line phone cost 0.0835 €/call + 0.0702 €/min, calls from a mobile phone 0.0835 €/call + 0.1717 €/min
020 780 88 88