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We are committed to taking responsibility into account in our operations. As proof of this, Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna in Rovaniemi has been awarded the Green Key certificate and the Sustainable Travel Finland label.

Green Key

Green Key is an international environmental certification that promotes sustainable tourism. Eco-certified hotels give travellers a better chance to make environmentally sustainable choices and reduce their carbon footprint.

Sustainable Travel Finland

The Sustainable Travel Finland certificate is a testimony to the valuable and long-term work for sustainable tourism. Sustainable Travel Finland is Visit Finland's sustainable tourism programme, which takes into account ecological, socio-cultural and economic sustainability.

This is how you can make a difference during your visit:

  • Turn off the shower when you put on shampoo or soap
  • Use a toothpaste when brushing your teeth
  • Leave the towel in the coat rack and reuse it
  • You decide the cleaning rhythm of your room
  • Turn off unnecessary lights or take out your light card when you leave the room
  • Choose local, organic and plant-based products for breakfast and lunch
  • Eat everything you take
  • Make use of ResQ Club waste products
  • Sort your rubbish at the sorting points in the hotel lobby or car park. Bottles, papers and glasses left on the room table will be sorted by cleaning staff.
  • Explore the sights by bike or on foot, ask the hotel for bus timetables
  • Take the stairs instead of lifts.
  • Give the gift of a gift voucher instead of material gift
  • Support local knowledge by going to the theater, hiring sports equipment or safaris, and dining out at a restaurant

This is how we do good for the environment every day:

  • Responsibility belongs to all of us. All our staff are involved in environmental work and we receive training and orientation on environmental issues as part of our work. We have set up a Sustainability Team made up of employees from our hotel and restaurants.
  • Our hotel complies with the laws and municipal regulations in terms of proper waste sorting. In addition to the waste sorting bin in your room, we have sorting points for customers in the carage and in the lift lobbies, where you can recycle your waste yourself. We will recycle bottles, glasses and paper left on your room table for you.
  • We use eco-labelled cleaning products to clean your rooms. If you are staying with us for several nights, you have control over how often your room is cleaned - i.e. you can request a cleaning if necessary. If you wish, you can use the same towel for your entire stay, reducing the washing load.
  • Breakfast and lunch buffets are full of goodies, so start with a little and then eat some more. Permission granted. Have you ever tasted a breakfast porridge roll made from scratch? With the ResQ app, you can make tasty, waste-free purchases for a pittance.
  • A toast to clean water. Tap water is a good and excellent thirst quencher, and what better way to drink it than with clean water, even after a sauna. You will find glasses for tap water in the room and in the customer saunas. The water pressure is regulated to save water consumption and our guests have access to our shared Sauna From Finland-certified customer saunas.
  • In terms of energy savings, we have reduced the temperatures in the parking garage, shortened the opening hours of the customer saunas and kept the temperatures in the customer saunas moderate. For lighting, we use energy-saving and LED lamps. Our electricity is produced from 100% renewable energy sources.
  • We cooperate with local businesses and educational institutions. The reception shop sells local Anneli's Herbs & Candies and Hornworks products. We offer internships and TET placements for students and school children.
  • Our charity partners are Hope Rovaniemi ry, Lapin ensi- ja turvakoti ry, Roosa nauha -collection and the Finnish Society for Nature Conservation.
  • We recommend environmentally friendly mobility: you can choose between bicycles in summer and walking sticks all year round. It is easy to hop on the bus from the nearby bus stop. We also recommend environmentally friendly transport yourself.