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S-Card for company


S-Card for companies allows to channel the S points you have accumulated with your S-Card for the company to benefit from.

S-Card is Finland's best loyalty program for business travellers. Did you already know that the S-Card isn’t merely a loyalty card for business travellers, but a loyalty program that benefits the entire company?

How does the S-Card Corporate Agreement differ from the individual S-Card membership?

In an individual S-Card membership, the customer accrues a meal benefit worth €12 to their own S-Card, for each accommodation including S-Card benefits, as well as S Points for purchases made at S-Card locations. The benefits also include a Family benefit, Pet benefit, Sokos Hotels digital services and valuable hotel-specific benefits.

In the S-Card Corporate Agreement, the S Points accrued from the individual cardholder's S-Card transactions are redirected to one main card, allowing the company to use the S Points as payment for accommodation, restaurant and meeting services. Other S-Card membership benefits can be used by each parallel cardholder.

How does the company benefit from the Agreement?

  • It generates savings. S Points have monetary value and can be used by the company as payment for accommodation, meeting and restaurant purchases. Learn how S Points are accumulated »
  • Transparency and clarity in business travel. The Corporate Agreement offers more transparency what comes to the use of loyalty benefits. The S-Card Corporate Agreement provides clarity in the Travel Policy.
  • It promotes well-being at work. The rewarding benefits of the S-Card loyalty program support employee well-being – especially when it comes to the company's business travellers!

How do I sign an S-Card Corporate Agreement?

In a Corporate Agreement, two or more S-Cards are linked. The company designates the person who manages the main card of the Agreement. Next, other S-Card used by the company business travellers will be added as parallel cards under the main card. Each S-Card is always personal – also in the S-Card Corporate Agreement, i.e. the customer relationship is always with the individual customer. In the S-Card Corporate Agreement, the main card is free of charge, and parallel cards are charged an annual fee of €25 / 12 months.

Want to learn more about the S-Card Corporate Agreement?

Contact our S-Card Customer Service! We are happy to discuss your needs and sign a suitable S-Card Corporate Agreement with you.

S-Card Customer Service s-card@sok.fi or by phone +358 107682777 on weekdays 9–16 (call rates).

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