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S-Card benefits for meetings


Take advantage of your S-Card also at meetings and other gatherings

S-Card is Finland's most comprehensive loyalty program for business travellers, which benefits you not only from accommodation but also when having meetings and events or various gatherings at our hotels and restaurants.

You earn S Points for your meeting purchases. The more you focus your purchases, the more you benefit. You can later use the accumulated S Points for meeting expenses, overnight stays and restaurant services, as they correspond to cash at our locations. Easy and by concentrating your purchases on S-Card, you save money.

Example 1.

For a meeting purchase of 1000 euros, you earn at least 20 S Points.

Example 2.

For a meeting purchase of 3000 euros, you will earn at least 86 S Points.

Please note that S Points are accrued for S-Card purchases up to a maximum of EUR 3.400 per transaction. To accumulate S points, you must be present at the event and present your S-Card membership card when paying/acknowledging the invoice.

Did you know that you can also book day meetings and sauna facilities 24/7 directly online? Our hotels have hundreds of different meeting and banquet facilities as well as saunas. Find the options in the available spaces and make a reservation and you will receive a confirmation of your reservation by email immediately. Book spaces for your next event here»