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Breakfast at Sokos Hotels


Breakfast, the main meal of the day

Freshly brewed coffee, warm bread, organic porridge and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, not forgetting wonderful local delicacies. Breakfast at Sokos Hotels includes all this and much more. Our delicious breakfast will kick-start your day and keep you going.

In Sokos Hotels, breakfast is always included in the room rate (excl. Heymo 1 by Sokos Hotels). We welcome you to enjoy our hearty breakfast also outside hotel overnight stays. A hotel breakfast is a great way of self-pampering as well as suitable for conducting small meetings and negotiations. Hotel-specific breakfast times and prices can be found on the hotel's own website.

Sustainability means everything to us. We prefer locally and sustainably produced breakfast treats. Our breakfast is rich in plant-based products and considers those who follow a gluten-free diet. As Finland's most responsible hotel chain, we make every effort to reduce food waste and hope that our guests respect this by only taking what they will eat.

Our four hotel types, Original, Solo, Break and Heymo, serve slightly different breakfasts. At Original hotels, we focus on local delicacies, as well as breads and porridge. At Solo hotels, coffee/tea is always served at the table, and breakfast will include unique treats prepared in the hotel. The breakfast at our Break hotels is designed for active people. Break hotel breakfast will also always include a surprising treat, such as a chocolate fountain, a soft-serve machine, etc. At our Heymo hotel, breakfast is not included in the room rate, but you can buy breakfast conveniently from smart cabinets with a wide range of options, that do not include red meat.