Corporate and environmental responsibility and safety

Corporate and environmental responsibility and safety

Responsibility in S Group's travel and restaurant businesses

We consume less water and energy

All S Group hotels are participating in the Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa's energy efficiency agreement whose objective is to improve the energy efficiency by nine percent by 2016. Radisson Blu Seaside evened out the water pressure in 2008. This lead to a significant reduction in water consumption, saving approx. €20,000, and the change in pressure had no effect on customer satisfaction. The positive results encourage other S Group hotels to take similar measures.


We minimise the amount of waste

At S Group restaurants, our recipes are created with care. This way, it is possible to optimise the amounts of produce, and less food is wasted. Planning, adjusting the size of portion packages, efficient handling of raw materials and successful prediction of consumption have resulted in a significant reduction in the amount of food waste. At S Group hotels, waste is sorted into about ten different fractions, with the aim to minimize the amount going to landfills. At Radisson Blu Hotels, the empty bottles of hygiene products are recycled as energy waste, and the material from worn-out towels is used to make new cleaning cloths.


Efficiency for less transport

S Group's Travel and Hospitality Industry group has concentrated almost all orders of food and beverages to the logistics company Meira Nova. Centralising the goods flows has given a logistics efficiency which is excellent when compared with the HoReCa sector in general, even on a European level. The amount of transportation has been reduced considerably.


We serve tasty and healthy food

Taste, fresh produce and health aspects are in focus in all food served in S Group's restaurants and hotels. Rosso's menu now contains foods rich in fibre, Radisson Blu Hotel's Smart foods are made with super-food ingredients and Super Breakfast gives the guests the choice of organic products. We also use seasonal and local products whenever possible. We sell almost 200,000 bottles of fair-trade wines and fair-trade coffee and tea are included in the basic set-up of many S Group restaurants and cafés.

Safety at S Group hotels

The safety mindset, risk management and action taken to make operations more reliable are part of management, business planning and execution at S Group's hotel and restaurant business. The hotels abide by legal requirements for safety operations and perform high-quality safety operations of their own.

Hotel staff are given inductions, training and guidance so they are familiar with the safety procedures related to their work, and what actions they should take to ensure customer safety. All work shifts at the hotel have personnel who have passed S Group's safety examination. The safety examination indicates that the person has the required first aid and fire extinguishing skills, and knows how to prevent safety risks at the hotel.

Every hotel has a designated safety person whose task it is to support the hotel management and supervisors to meet and maintain the level as per safety requirements. The persons responsible for safety and the hotel managers, when necessary, provide customers with hotel-specific additional information about safety operations.

To ensure the safety of customers and operations, the hotels have reception staff who manage operations around the clock and any eventuality.. The hotels have a safety service, which means that safety personnel with special training can be summoned in case of an emergency. Through access control, the hotels ensure that there are no trespassers in the building. The main entrance doors of the hotels are locked and person traffic is monitored after restaurants close to promote customer safety.

The hotels' exit routes are always clear and marked, the hotels' emergency exits and safety lights are functional and the emergency exit doors can be opened. The staff notify the customers of exceptional situations. General emergency numbers, initial extinguishing equipment, emergency exit routes and hotel-specific safety instructions are within easy reach of customers in the hotel rooms. The hotels' alarm and announcement systems are tested every year.

The hotels have an automatic fire alarm system for finding out where the situation is taking place, thus ensuring rapid help to the customer in an exceptional situation. All hotel rooms have audible fire alarms. When necessary, fire safety is ensured through automatic fire extinguishing systems.

In hotel rooms, attention has been paid to the safety of bed linen, interior decoration material and furniture at customers' disposal by applying a fire retardant treatment to the material. There are designated allergy rooms available for customers. The electrical appliances in the hotel rooms are safety inspected (CE marked).

The safety of food provided at the hotels is checked by competent staff.

Customers' privacy is protected The hotels adhere to legal requirements for the processing and storage of customers' personal data.

The hotels provide customers with an opportunity to safely store valuables, while creating safe conditions for vehicle parking and luggage storage. To implement this, the hotel has a camera surveillance system, safe deposit boxes, hotel room doors with back lock, door peepholes, and/or a safety chain.

To ensure the legal and self-specified level of safety operations, S Group has a modelled self-monitoring and auditing system concerning safety, which includes a self-performed assessment of the safety level, and inspections by the insurance company and the rescue authorities at specified intervals at the hotels. For crisis situations, the hotels have a modelled and rehearsed management model which includes crisis communication.