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Staycation or Weekend getaways at Sokos Hotels

Looking for some pampering? Book a staycation, a small getaway in your hometown. Experience your hometown through the eyes of a tourist. Enjoy excellent service, a comfortable bed and a delicious breakfast. Spend some quality time by yourself, in the company of a friend or a loved one.

Your hometown is sure to still have much to be seen and experienced. Museums, movies, shopping, getting a bite here and there and just having a stroll, enjoying the scenery and good company. Be a tourist in your hometown and see it with new eyes. After a relaxing day, slip into clean sheets, enjoy a ready-made breakfast and let the hotel atmosphere put you in a holiday mood. A single night can work wonders.

If not a staycation in your hometown, how about a Weekend getaway around Finland or Tallinn?

Enjoy your time at Sokos Hotels.