Lobby cafe

Lobby cafe is specialised in quick, high-quality coffees and delicious food to take away. With a youthful, cosmopolitan and relaxed atmosphere.

Open 24h
Lobby bar open daily 9 am - 01.30 pm

Restaurant Amarillo

What the working week sets apart, Amarillo brings together! Amarillo brings together both friends and strangers, and has everyone enjoy their stay around the same table. In terms of style, Amarillo is fresh and fair, straightforward and energetic.

Kippo Restaurant

Set in a traditional Finnish smoke cottage, this restaurant is a unique delight for all the senses. Choose from fresh game, fish, vegetables and berries sourced from local and other Finnish suppliers.

Kippo is closed at the moment but will be opened for the summer 2021.

Call us 010 783 1100 prices 0,0835 €/call + 0,1209 €/min
Kidekuja 2 88610, Vuokatti
Kidekuja 2
88610, Vuokatti