The Flamingo Spa has had to limit the amount of customers they can take at the same time. This is why it is important to make a reservation in advance to make sure there is availability at the spa. Make the booking here:


The entertainment center's magnificent Flamingo Spa Water Park offers speed and splashes for families. At the luxurious Flamingo Spa & Wellness section (with an age limit of 18), customers can enjoy comprehensive well-being services in peaceful and relaxing surroundings.

There are two kinds of spa s available: one that allows you to visit the Water Park only, and one that is also valid for the Spa & Wellness section. The Spa & Wellness bracelet is only sold to those above 18 years of age.

Water Park

Flamingo Spa's Water Park includes various pools and slides. By the pool side a fully licensed Café Spa serves hungry and thirsty swimmers. There is a Finnish sauna in the shower section. The Water Park bracelet does not include towels.


Spa section combines the finest experiences of international spa culture for you to enjoy. As a Spa & Wellness customer, you have access to the Water Park with its pools and slides, as well as the luxurious, Orientally decorated Spa & Wellness section, with an age limit of 18 years. The mystical Spa & Wellness includes six different saunas, warm resting places, a mineral and hot tub and a fully licensed poolside restaurant. The Spa bracelet does not include towels.

There is also an atmospheric Salt Room that can be reserved for private functions. If no reservation has been made, the Salt Room is open for all customers.

We offer a wide variety of relaxing single and group treatments that are performed in different kinds of treatment suites within the Wellness treatment area.

To be noted

The Flamingo Spa and Break Sokos Hotel Flamingo operate as separate enterprises, so the waterpark and spa tickets are not automatically included in the room prices. Customers can book packages that include spa and/or waterpark tickets, but tickets can be bought also separately.

You can reach the spa conveniently using the hotel's lifts. Spa package includes bath ropes and slippers. Slippers and bath robes can also be rented 9€/adult. We recommend that you bring a towel from your hotel room. You can also change into a swimsuit after entering the spa. Lockers that can be locked and opened with the Flamingo spa bracelets are available in the changing rooms. There are special rates and changes in opening hours during the year. Please check the up-to-date information from

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