Free parking for customers staying at the hotel 

The hotel's parking spaces are in the car park of the Flamingo entertainment centre. Parking is available free of charge in the parking spaces reserved for the hotel and in the five-hour parking spaces reserved for meeting guests. Please register your car as soon as you arrive at the hotel.

If you are only going to stay at the hotel up to five hours (to visit the restaurant or the meeting facilities), you will only need a parking disc. In such a case, park your car in a five-hour parking space.

To register:

  • If you are staying overnight at the hotel, park your car in a parking space reserved for the hotel and register the car at the reception (on the first floor). You can also check in at the Wing reception lobby on level A2 from Monday to Thursday between 4 pm and 8 pm, as well as on Saturday between 3 pm and 6 pm.
  • If you're attending a meeting, park your car in a five-hour parking space and register it using the automate at the meeting reception on the third floor.

    DON'T FORGET to use your parking disc in addition to the registration! 

How to find us

The entry into the car park is from the Tasetie street side. The hotel reception is on level A1 and the meeting reception is on level A3. There is access to both receptions by elevator and via the stairs from both car park floors.

What to do if all parking spaces are taken

If all the parking spaces reserved for the hotel are occupied when you're coming to stay at the hotel, you can use the five-hour parking spaces. Use your parking disc and register at the hotel reception on the first floor. Please don't use any of the handicapped parking spaces if you do not have a permit.

Large vehicles

Parking a large vehicle is also free of charge for a customer staying at the hotel. The vehicle must be parked in the outdoor parking lot of Jumbo shopping centre, and you must register it (you get the permission from the reception). You can park for up to five hours by using your parking disc.

Access to the parking lot is at the Tasetie and Vantaanportinkatu intersection (the ABC and Hesburger intersection). Address of the parking lot is Tasetie 3, FI-01510 Vantaa.


Disability parking

There are parking places also for the disabled at the Flamingo parking hall. You will find 3 disabled parking spots at the level A1, 3 more at the level A2. The entry to the hotel is easiest from these levels. Also at the level A3 ( the roof top level) there are 3 places for the disabled. There is an easy lift access to the 1st floor where the hotel reception is located. 

Charging an electric car

There are four parking spots available for electric cars in Flamingo.The charging spots are maintained by Vantaa Energia company.  The charging spots can't be reserved in advance and they are used by other customers in Flamingo Center.
Driving to the charging spots: 
The charging spots are on the right side of the second exit. (K2 floor, two floors down from the street level)
The is a fee for charging the car 
Plug Type 2, max power 22 kW.For further information »

See parking instructions for buses >>

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01510, Vantaa