Good morning!

Enjoy a delicious breakfast every morning at Sokos Hotel. The plentiful buffet includes both savoury and sweet delicacies. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a peaceful, hearty breakfast in a comfortable ambience. 

It is important to us that you can enjoy your breakfast with peace of mid. From the 1st of June we serve our brekfast pre-portioned in the hotel's restaurant facilities. Breakfast includes familiar products from our buffet selection. If you wish, you can also order breakfast to take away. Please inform the hotel upon arrival.

Welcome to a tasty morning opening!

Breakfast is served at Restaurant Kokokana, 2nd floor.

Call us 020 780 8850 prices Calls from a fixed-line phone cost 0.0835 €/call + 0.0702 €/min, calls from a mobile phone 0.0835 €/call + 0.1717 €/min
Rewell Center 101 65100, Vaasa
Rewell Center 101
65100, Vaasa

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