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Kakolanmäki hill

Turku certainly has no shortage of national heritage landscapes, one of them being the view from the Aura to Kakolanmäki, which was formerly the home of prisoners. Kakolanmäki is one of seven hills in Turku. Until 2007, the hill was the location of the Turku Provincial Prison. The National Board of Antiquities has named Kakolanmäki Hill one of Finland's most important Built Heritage sites. There is a summer café in the old prison warden's house and summer restaurant Kakolanruusu is located on the ground floor of the main building. There are plans to convert the old prison area into residential and business areas.


Ruissalo's oak forests, charming 19th-century villas, National Park, the Ruisrock rock festival, the famous pea soup served in the Honkapirtti restaurant, and the Botanical Gardens have contributed to making the island famous. Scenic and well-maintained bike paths offer comfortable distances for all. The rocky outcrops, beautiful beach, unique nature, rolling fields and pretty gardens will lead to love at first sight for all who visit the island. In the winter, you can take a refreshing dip in a hole in the ice!

Turku Market Hall

Turku Market Hall maintains local culinary traditions – and introduces new trends. The Market Hall is the place to fill your picnic basket or buy treats to take home: take your pick of traditional delicacies, organic food, local produce or new culinary trends. Take a break from shopping and enjoy a lovely lunch or cup of coffee.  Finland's tiniest Alko (off-licence) and best bakery shop are also located in the Market Hall.

Aura river

The Aura and its surroundings are important to the inhabitants of Turku, who enjoy the riverbanks at all times of the year. A 3.5 km walk from the Cathedral to the Castle gives an excellent overview of the history and present day of the city. Bridges, history, river boats, idyllic restaurants, bars and cafés... There's something for everyone!


The Linnateatteri theatre's repertoire comprises various genres from plays for children to stand up and concerts.


Finland's only city ferry, Föri takes passengers from Turku to Åbo and back again, free of charge. During the two-minute crossing, you will have a marvellous view of the river. Föri operates around the year.


Located in the same block as the Börs, the Forum shopping centre boasts several great shops, such as local designers brands, a vegan food store and a bakery.


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