We recommend parking your car in the parking garage next to the hotel at P-Tullintori. The entrance is located next to the hotel at Åkerlundinkatu 10. The garage's max. height is 2.2m. The entrance to the hotel is in the hall from the stairs next to the entrance to Tullintori, going up to the deck area, from which the covered walkway leads directly to the hotel. Parking is managed by Finnpark.

The price when paying through the Moovy application is 21€/day, possible hours exceeding the 24-hour parking are subject to an additional charge. The price paid at the payment machine in the parking hall is €24/day.

If you want to pay for parking in connection with the room bill - state the registration number at the reception. The price is €25/day (€22/day for S-Card customers). If the parking time exceeds a day, the excess time must be paid to the payment machine in the hall. During the day you paid for the hotel, you can also drive in and out of the hall for the same fee.

Electric car charging

There are 4 electric car charging points in the parking lot of Solo Sokos Hotel Torni's backyard. It is not possible to reserve seats in advance. The price is in addition to the parking fee (€22/day) and €5/time. Report the number of the charging point and the car's registration number to the reception immediately after parking and we will activate the charging point and parking.

P-Vuntoparkki. Address Ratapihankatu 39 C. Daily price €35. Distance from the hotel approx. 450m.
The Noutoparkki located in Tullinpäädy is equipped with 50 charging stations for electric cars. There are 10 fast (22 kW) charging points and 40 slower 1.8 (kW) charging points. Charging works with the eParking application. You can pay for parking with the Moovy app or by card.


Disabled parking permit

From the address Åkerlundinkatu 10 you can drive up the ramp to the Tullintori deck parking area. Next to the shopping center's main doors, there are two wider parking spaces on both sides for disabled parking. Otherwise, the upper level parking lot is a 24-hour paid parking area and normal road traffic laws are followed in the area.

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Sumeliuksenkatu 14 33100, Tampere
Sumeliuksenkatu 14
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