Mens sana in corpore sano, as the Latin saying goes: a healthy mind in a healthy body.
Situated on the 2nd floor, the gym is compact but well equipped. Is it a cardio workout you're after? Come on in! Is it weights you're interested in? We've got you covered. Our gym has something for everyone. Most of its equipment is from the HC Pro range, which comes highly recommended by professionals. The gym is ideal for beginners and more advanced users alike – whatever your level, we can promise you a decent workout! To start your day right, or simply to burn off fat, you can make the most of our two treadmills and our assault bike, which will be familiar to anyone who's ever done Crossfit. For an all-over body workout you can use our weight benches, stretching machines and other equipment to work on your legs, chest, thighs and more. Needless to say there's also a variety of free weights and dumbbells.
Use of the gym 6.00-23.00 is free of charge for guests, key from the reception. 
Be sure to wear comfortable sports clothes and footwear while exercising. When you finish, please disinfect any equipment you've handled using the products provided in the gym and, where relevant, return the equipment to its proper place.
Citius, altius, fortius!
Call us +372 680 9350
Viru Väljak 4 EE-10111, Tallinn
Viru Väljak 4
EE-10111, Tallinn