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Sporttiklubi sports team rates

From €29/person/day/triple room

Rates vary by hotel and selected date – check the rate when booking. Sporttiklubi-members must present their membership at the time of booking and at the time of check-in at the hotel. Rates are intended for groups of a minimum of 11 athletes and include valid VAT, breakfast and broadband connection.

Rates and benefits are valid 1.1.-31.12.2024 at Sokos Hotels in Finland and Tallinn* and Radisson Blu and Radisson RED hotels in Finland and only apply to new bookings. Rates are subject to availability, and we reserve the right to changes.

The team-specific gift card benefit is granted to a member of Sporttiklubi in connection with the accommodation of the sports team they represent. The gift card benefit requires:

  • Booking by a Sporttiklubi-member directly through the hotel sales service or the hotel.
  • Payment by a joint invoice in advance or alternatively in cash or with a personal payment card or S-Business card at the hotel upon check-in. For larger group bookings, guaranteeing the reservation in advance with a credit card or S-Business card number.
  • The gift card benefit is not valid for other payment methods (e.g., invoicing, other business credit cards).
  • *At Original Sokos Hotel Virus in Tallinn, a 10% refund in connection with Sporttiklubi accommodation will be deducted directly from the total amount of accommodation on site (no separate gift card)

Sporttiklubi gift card benefits cannot be combined with other benefits. Gift cards are accepted as a means of payment at S Group locations in Finland, but no gift card refund is paid for rooms paid with gift cards. Room rates do not entitle to commission. Rates do not entitle to S-Etukortti card bonus.

Inquiries and bookings: Sokos Hotels Sales Service, tel. 0300 870 000 or Radisson Blu and Radisson RED hotels Sales Service, tel. 0300 870 010. Open Mon–Fri 8–18.
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