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Senior rates for affordable stays at Sokos Hotels

Enjoy a relaxing holiday at a Sokos Hotel. High-quality rooms, generous breakfasts and varied restaurants ensure a pleasant stay. Welcome to Sokos Hotels by yourself, with a friend, grandchild or partner for a shopping, cultural or simply pampering holiday.

Sokos Hotels' affordable senior rates make even longer stays possible. The rates apply to persons aged 65 or over and pensioners.

Senior rates from € 80/night/single or double room

(start price Heymo 1 by Sokos Hotels, Espoo)

Rates vary per hotel. A limited number of discounted rooms are available.

The rate accumulates Bonus with the S-Etukortti card, but no other rate-related benefits. The rate also does not accumulate benefits or points of other loyalty programs.

The benefit is valid at Sokos Hotels in Finland and Tallinn until 31.12.2024.

The rate includes:

  • accommodation at the selected Sokos Hotel
  • breakfast (excl. Heymo 1, Espoo)
  • guest sauna on a hotel-specific basis

Book directly on our website sokoshotels.fi with code SENIOR:

Fill in the information required for the reservation, and enter the booking code: SENIOR. You will see our available room rates. Select the rate and any desired additional products and services. You will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail. Please note that additional products cannot be booked for same-day bookings. For these, we ask you to contact the hotel.

More information: Sokos Hotels Sales Service, tel. +358 300 870 000, Mon–Fri 8am–6pm or directly from the hotel.

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