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Enjoy your meal benefit


With the S-Card meal benefit, you will enjoy your business trips more

With the S-Card meal benefit, you can also eat well on your business trips. When you stay, you get a meal benefit, which always makes your work trip a little better.

As our loyal customer, we want to offer you smoother and more comfortable commutes from booking to going home. Working on a full stomach is more comfortable than when you're hungry, so when your own fridge is not at hand, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy delicious and varied food with us from morning till night. Enjoying your business trips is allowed!

With the S-Card meal benefit, you eat well on your travels. In addition to the normal restaurant menu, many of our restaurants offer specially designed options for S-Card loyalty customers on weekdays, so there is plenty to choose from. You earn a meal benefit right from your first stay when you stay at Sokos Hotels in Finland and Estonia, Radisson Blu hotels in Finland and Radisson RED Helsinki hotels at a price that entitles you to S-Card benefits.

The value of the meal benefit is 12 € / night (10 € in Estonia) and it is valid for 6 months. This means that you can use the meal benefit immediately in connection with your accommodation or take advantage of it later. With the meal benefit, you can pay for food and drink, and you can use them to pay for several at the same time.

Hotel-specific S-Card benefits offer special-priced meals that you can get with a meal benefit at no extra charge. Please note that this special priced portion is a personal benefit only for you as our loyal customer.

You can use the meal benefit as payment in hundreds of our restaurants, as well as take advantage of the benefits and stop to dine along the way at ABC service station restaurants around Finland.

When eating, always mention how many meal benefits you want to use at a time.

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Note S-Card is not valid in Hesburger -restaurants and in some of our uniq restaurants

Meal benefit in restaurants at ABC service stations
You can also pay with meal benefits in the restaurants of ABC service stations (excl. Hesburgers). Please note that ABC restaurants only accept meal benefits. You cannot pay with S-Points in ABC restaurants or accrue an S-Card purchase.