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Pre-authorization at check-in

Sokos Hotels in Finland introduced pre-authorization at check-in as of 1 January 2019. The hotel reception places a temporary hold on the value of the overnight stay on the guest's payment card at check-in.

If the guest pays by invoice or the overnight stay has been paid in advance, a pre-authorization of €50 will be made to the guest's card. Any costs incurred during the stay may be charged to the payment card used, and the pre-authorization is cancelled after the stay, if no costs have been incurred. In the case of a group, a pre-verification can be made on the payment card of the tour leader, if he/she agrees to bear any additional costs incurred by the group.

Pre-authorization further enhances secure payment in our hotels. In doing so, the guest's payment card remains in their own possession at all times. In addition, the guest's card information is never disclosed to anyone other than the guest. Pre-authorization is internationally a common practice when arriving at a hotel, although its use in Finland has still been relatively low.

Pre-authorization can be done on any debit card with a chip, including the debit side of combination cards, as well as Visa Electron. In addition to pre-authorization, the guest is asked for written permission for debiting of post-checkout charges, for instance, for a forgotten minibar or restaurant invoice transferred to the room invoice.