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Pets are welcome at Sokos Hotels

Sokos Hotels are happy to accommodate family pets from small rodents to cats and dogs. We aim to host all guests travelling with pets in spacious rooms, with easy access to the outdoors, so you can walk your four-legged friend. Feel free to give us tips for a successful hotel break for your pet.

Add a pet to your booking already when booking on our website

If you have questions or your pet is unaccustomed to travelling, you may contact us already prior to your arrival, to make your hotel stay as comfortable as possible. Pets are the responsibilities of their owners during a hotel stay.

Your pet stays at our hotels for €15/night/room

If you are an S-Card member, your pet stays with you at no additional charge. The benefit is valid when staying at a rate that entitles you to S-Card benefits, with the exception of S-Card reward nights.

How to make your pet's holiday as comfortable as possible

  • Pets need peace and quiet and enough sleep and rest even during the journey.
  • Allow enough time for travel, so your pet can take frequent breaks and has time for a walk.
  • Bring your pet's own bed or blanket and water bowl with you. Bringing a familiar toy with you will help your pet to feel at home in a new environment. Reptiles, rodents and birds should be kept in their own travel terrarium/cage whilst in a hotel.
  • The pets own toy makes it easier to adjust to a new environment.
  • Explore the hotel surroundings together with your pet.
  • Don't leave your pet alone in the hotel room for lengthy periods. If you must leave your pet alone in the room, make sure it cannot escape.
  • Hang the "Pets in the room" sign on the door.

We give your dog a welcome package

Everyone staying at a Sokos Hotel with a dog will receive a welcome package upon arrival containing Best Friend products, including chew bones, steak sticks and poop bags. The package also contains information about local dog parks and vets.

Welcome to pet friendly Sokos Hotels