You log in to the Sokos Hotels application and the My S-Card Service using your S-My account

We are introducing S Group's new common authentication solution, the S User Account, for our digital services. The S User Account is the S Group's common login account, with which you will also be able to use other S Group online services in the future, in addition to the hotels' digital services.  

In future, your S User Account will be your user ID, and you will no longer need to remember any passwords. You can either create a separate account with your co-op member or S-Card details or add the information of your co-op and S-Card membership to the same account to get the best benefits.  

What is the S User Account?     

S User Account  is an authentication solution for the future, with which users of S Group's digital services log in to the services. The S User Account will replace the current solution based on the S-Code, used to log in to the Oma S-kanava service or S Group's online shops, for example.   

How can I create an S User Account? 

You can create an S User Account and log in with the human figure icon in the top right corner of the page. 

How can I log in to the S User Account? 

Logging in to the S User Account is easy: you only need your email address. After entering your email address to the service, you get a code by email that enables you to log in. So you can say goodbye to remembering all those passwords! 

First enter your email address and then the code you received in your email. The information requested during authentication is stored in the service.