Joogaa Tallinnassa!

Yoga makes the impossible possible

"I've noticed that the more stress I'm having to deal with, the more I throw myself into my yoga sessions," says Eleri Ojavere, the Revenue Manager with Original Sokos Hotel Viru, of her favourite hobby. "For me it's the best way of unwinding and recharging my batteries." Having gotten into yoga three years ago while studying in Edinburgh in Scotland, Eleri feels as though she's only at the start of her yoga journey.

She attends a weekly yoga class and does shorter sessions at home during the rest of the week. "I really love the physical side of it, and the fact that it feels so ‘now'," she says. "It's great too that you get the chance to practise with people at all sorts of different levels. Plus you can join a class anywhere, wherever you are in the world, because the exercises and positions are the same everywhere and there's no language barrier." Eleri invites guests at the hotel to try a yoga class while they're in Tallinn.

Her favourites are the smaller yoga clubs in the city: the one at the MyFitness sports club in Viru Keskus shopping centre (adjoining the hotel), Euphoria Studio and Tasapisi Tasakaal in Kalamaja (3 km from the hotel). This summer, on 28 & 29 July, yoga-lovers will be gathering in Haapsalu to take part in Estonia's biggest yoga party, the Joogafestival.

Eleri encourages anyone who's yet to give yoga a try to find out for themselves what it's like. She says it's something you need to be prepared to put time into, because the more you do it the more you get into it, and the more you get into it the more you enjoy it. "That said," she adds, "just 10 minutes a day is better than nothing!" Yoga can easily become a lifestyle, as it was for Eleri's teacher – a grey-haired, 60-year-old Scottish woman who pulled off every pose with ease and elegance and made the seemingly impossible possible.

Come and try yoga in Tallinn and book yourself a room at Viru Hotel!