Puijo tower

Winter Holidays in Kuopio

We at the Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi have put together a list of the top ten things to do when visiting Kuopio during the winter holidays!


 1. Skate like a Finn in Kuopio!


 It only takes a five-minute walk from our hotel to find the best ice skating spots in our city! When the winter weather allows it, you can ice skate like a Finn on the frozen Kallavesi lake from the nearby harbor, where ice skating tracks that range from a few hundred meters up to 20 km are professionally maintained and cleared of snow during the winter months by the city of Kuopio, offering a free opportunity to ice-skate for local citizens and visitors alike, find out more about ice skating on the Kalavesi lake here. If you don't feel like going to the lake to go ice skating, it is possible to find artificially made ice skating rinks open to the public all over the city! For instance, near Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi  you can find the Hapelähteenpuisto skating rink which also has a dressing room to put on the skates. Check the full list of ice skating rinks in Kuopio Here.


 2. Go sledding with the family in Brahepuisto!


 Provided that you brought along your skiing clothing, it is possible to borrow a sled from our hotel's reception and go sledding to Brahe Park (Brahepuisto), which is located only 400m away from our premises where you will find some great slopes to tackle with the kids!



 3. Puijo Tower and the entire Kuopio Puijo outdoor area!


 The Puijo peak is buzzing with life during the winter season since it is possible to take part in many fun winter activities like snow tubing, dog sledding and going on nature walks! * Puijo peak is located within the city of Kuopio, and it has been a protected area since the 1900s. It offers a glance of the ancient Finnish forests and the possibility to see Kuopio's splendor from above thanks to the Puijo tower!


The Puijo tower was built in Pujo's peak highest point, placing this renowned landmark 224 meters above the Kallavesi lake, and offering a breathtaking 360-degree view of Lakeland Kuopio! Not to mention that this tower is a fully equipped modern building with many amenities like a souvenir shop, a cafeteria, and a rotating rooftop restaurant!


Here you can read more about all the activities offered by Puijo peak!


 *These activities may be subject to availability and weather conditions. Ask our personnel if you have any questions on reservations and availability.



4. Ball games all year round in Kuopio!


 For enthusiasts of ball games, we recommend Bellan Puisto's indoor paddle facilities.

 Padel is a sport similar to tennis and squash, but it doesn't require too much physical endurance, making it suitable for players of all ages and levels! Bellan Puisto is just a 10 minute-drive from Original Sokos Hotel Puijonsarvi and you can find out more about padel court reservations and availability on Bellan Puisto's official webpage here


 5. Take a wellness trip to Finland's second-largest swimming pool complex! 


 If indoor heated pools, massaging showers, aromatic sauna and water aerobics sound like your cup of tea, be sure to check Kuntolaakso swimming pool for a relaxing day by the pool in this brand new venue located in the city center of Kuopio.


 6. Make your shopping dreams come true at Kuopio Market Square!


 Experience the Savonian atmosphere along with friendly service in Kuopio's market hall, probably one of the most precious buildings in Kuopio city, built in 1902, it is still selling local and imported specialty goods ranging from fresh bread and vegetables to spices and specialty cheeses!


 Also, the little ones can make good finds in the edge of Kuopio's market square by visiting the Toy Store Partanen, and during the holidays we provide courtesy coupons for the toy store in the form of play money distributed at the reception of our hotel!


 We also recommend that you visit the Sokos store in the city center, since you can take full advantage of our guests' exclusive discounts in at-store purchases by showing your key-card case at the checkout counter.



 7. Tahko is a dream come true for skiers and snowboarders!


 Go for a winter sports adventure for the day to nearby Tahko, just under an hour drive from city center Kuopio you will find this great skiing resort with plenty of options to do winter sports for the whole family, also you will find plenty of places to eat and drink and events organized by the region, check out their latest information, events and deals here


 8. Have a great day out in any weather in Kuopio's museums!


 Adjacent to our hotel you will find for instance the VB Photographic Center, the Kuopio Museum, the Art Museum, and the Old Kuopio Museum! Feel free to ask our personnel about our customers' discount entrance tickets for the VB Photographic Center from our hotel's reception.


 9. Cross country skiing tracks at your fingertips!


 It is good to be a skier in Kuopio and you can find more information about routes in this link, also check real-time track information here. If the weather allows it, it is possible to reach the nearest skiing track located on Kalavesi's frozen lake which is a five-minute walk from our hotel.


 10. The Moomin Ice cave: An unmissable place for Moomin lovers!


The Moomin Ice Cave is located in Leppävirta, south of Kuopio, and it is approximately a 45-minute drive from our hotel, and it is a must-see for Moomin enthusiasts and for families who are looking to have a memorable time contemplating the beauty of ice sculptures and enjoying other winter activities!


 11. Fancy going to a concert? Visit Kuopio's Music Center!


 Kuopio's music center is one of Finland's most important concert and congress centers and it is only a ten-minute walk from our hotel. Check their upcoming events here (only available in Finnish)


 12. Not finding what you are looking for? Have any questions about events availability or opening hours?


Feel free to ask our personnel at the reception for further assistance on places to visit or things to do during the wintertime in Kuopio!



 We wish you a fun time in Kuopio and a happy stay here at Original Sokos Hotel Pujonsarvi!