What to do in Tallinn in fall?

Fall is a lovely time in Estonia – from misty mornings and sunny days to rain showers. All this and more is what makes this time of year special, and it's why our team loves Tallinn!

Wondering what to do in Tallinn with your friends, your significant other or your kids? Check out and for ideas and recommendations on sights to see, museums to visit, events to attend and activities to get involved in, plus information on Estonia's culture and values.

But here at the Viru Hotel we also have our own tips to share on making the most of your time in Tallinn. The Estonian capital is a compact place – all of our suggestions are within half an hour of the hotel by car, bus or bike.


Our conference service specialist LIIS loves heading for Pääsküla bog and recommends it to everyone. The 4 km circuit around the bog follows natural trails, interspersed with sections of boardwalk, passing through forests, over canals and by springs. There is also a 10-metre viewing tower and relaxation area on the Männiku side of the bog. The trail is passable year-round without getting your feet wet. You may even encounter some of the local wildlife as you traverse the trail!

Our reception administrator ELIZA can often be found shopping at the delightful doll's house that is Nõmme Market – which, she says, you should never leave without first having treated yourself to some fluffy pancakes with jam. The drive out to Nõmme is just like going on a visit to your grandma's place in the country.

Our restaurant service managers KADY and JOONAS also love markets – in their case Balti Jaam Market, which is just a few tram stops away from the hotel. If you're feeling more energetic and would rather walk, you can cut straight through the stunning Old Town. Balti Jaam Market is one of the newest and most impressive in the country, and is a big hit among people in Tallinn for the street food it offers. Trendy Telliskivi – home to the incredibly popular and internationally renowned Fotografiska – is just a stone's throw from the market, too.


Feel free to ask at Reception for more information (including on bike hire, public transport and the best routes to take) and personal recommendations. Enjoy Tallinn!