Welcome to Royal Vaasa's sauna

Sauna is one good way to experience Finland at it´s most authentic. And it is also one of the best ways to relax. Based on several studies, Sauna from Finland has identified the core values ​​of sauna experience as authenticity, multidisciplinarity, presence, relaxation, purity and well-being. Values ​​go hand in hand with the entire hotel experience, and we want to offer these values ​​to our customers.

Our sauna has been awarded The Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience. The quality of our sauna is world-class. We warmly recommend visiting our sauna when you visit us. From the 11 floors you have a wonderful view over the city, and here you can also enjoy the Finnish sauna. There is also a swimming pool with a sauna where it is nice to take a dip in the cooling water.