• Vuokatti and Helsinki Ski Weeks to cooperate with Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti
• Experience the first snow track before the winter

Vuokatti and Helsinki ski weeks to work together

Helsinki Ski Weeks and Vuokatti will work together to promote the well-being of people in Finland by providing easy-to-access local opportunities for exercising to as many people as possible. Among the most significant outcomes of the cooperation will be the opening event on Sunday 30 January 2022, in which Vuokatti will encourage participants to ski and enjoy the snow, while Finnish top artists take the stage.

"In fact, the entire idea of providing people with skiing experiences in the middle of Helsinki was created jointly with Vuokatti four years ago. We figured that skiing should be possible in the greater Helsinki area as well, regardless of the conditions in the winter," says Jari-Pekka Jouppi, Commercial Director of the Finnish Ski Association.

This is how the Helsinki Ski Weeks, a one-of-a-kind and ambitious event also on an international scale, came about. For one month, anyone can ski in the Helsinki Olympic Stadium, regardless of the snow conditions offered by nature. The objective is to motivate at least 100,000 people to enjoy outdoor exercise and unforgettable experiences provided by our national sport. 

"We were on the same page in our partnership right away," adds Mika Kilpeläinen, municipal manager of Sotkamo.  "Enabling people to enjoy exercising and promoting health are important to us both. Vuokatti offers versatile services for visitors, including 365 days of skiing per year, and we are excited to be able to participate in providing Helsinki area residents the opportunity to ski on the same tracks with stars."

Through the event, Helsinki Ski Weeks and its partners actively contribute to making skiing accessible. Skiing in the Stadium is free of charge, and the gear can be rented. Therefore, both Vuokatti and the Finnish Ski Association hope that the event attracts as many people as possible to skiing and to ski tracks in Finland in the coming winter.

Vuokatti is an active holiday destination for the entire family, offering a training setting for top Nordic skiing athletes through the Olympic Training Center. Vuokatti, which ranked third in the Travel destination of the year 2020 comparison, offers 365 days of skiing per year.

Helsinki Ski Weeks is a new ski festival in the centre of Helsinki, for all of us. In January-February 2022, the Ski Weeks offer versatile events and spread the joy of skiing to people of all ages and skill levels. The main event of the Helsinki Ski Weeks is the international Stadion Sprint invitational of top skiers on 24 February 2022.