Visit the cultural capital of Russia

St. Petersburg is full of art and culture. Theatres and museums, exhibitions and festivals — every season there are a lot of events, and everyone can find something interesting. Art in this city is taking the best from the traditions and is combining it with originality and uniqueness.


It can be hard to choose a starting point and not get lost in the world of St. Petersburg's art. We decided to create a list of the best places that are worth visiting.


One of the oldest theatres in the city will allow you to enjoy world-famous opera and ballet shows — both Russian and international. The classical approach in combination with contemporary ideas will make your visit unforgettable.


In this famous theatre you can enjoy the world-known masterpieces and see the dancers, musicians, singers, and conductors from all around the world. Moreover, the buildings (the old one and the new one) themselves are attractive — you will be able to enjoy the beauty of classicism and the originality of modern design.


Classical drama performances have been held in this theatre since the 19th century. Attending this theatre, you are getting closer to the nature of Russian culture and the strength of theatre traditions.


These museums need no introduction — millions of tourists are visiting them every year. It is impossible to get acquainted with the St. Petersburg's art without exploring these museums. Their collections include ancient and modern items, paintings and sculptures, famous and rare pieces of art.


Visiting this museum is the best way to get closer to the Ancient Rus and undiscovered parts of European history. Here you will find unique objects that illustrate the life of the ancient peoples.



If you are interested in contemporary art, ERARTA Museum is a must. Here you will find not only a great collection but also exhibitions of the world's leading artists, lectures, and different events.