Viru 45 anniversary desserts

To celebrate the glory of this day, our chef Margus has decided to surprise our guests with a sweet expression of love — delicious lemon tartlets. Margus was inspired by the names of the most iconic female guests who have visited Hotel Viru in its 45-year-old history:

Valentina Tereshkova who was chosen from hundreds of candidates because she was the best for a certain task at that historic moment. Over fifty years ago, she was the first woman in space and helped expand human capacity. Elizabeth Taylor was one of the stars of Hollywood's golden age, whose portrayal of Cleopatra either lifted you to the heavens or destroyed you. With every film, she excelled herself and won the most coveted in the film industry — two golden Oscars. Even today, Sofi Oksanen stands between Finland and Estonia, draws her inspiration from both of them and synthesises details into a whole — forming a colourful bridge to connect the two countries.

Therefore, the anniversary dessert of Hotel Viru includes the excellence of Valentina, the mystery of Elizabeth and the colourfulness of Sofi. The desserts can be enjoyed on site or purchased to go at the lobby cafe of Hotel Viru. Do not forget to ask for the anniversary themed coffee breaks for your seminars. The anniversary dessert helps you to celebrate the moments that are important to you.