VIKS - Estonia's very own city bike

The term "no need to invent a bicycle" is not a household phrase of the Estonian bike brand Velonia Bicycles. On the contrary! The exquisite, yet aggressive and minimalist VIKS city bike designed by Indrek Narusk is attracting more and more attention, and catches the eye of passers-by even if it is just awaiting its owner in front of a city centre cafe. The VIKS design is unique because there is no seat tube as in a standard bike frame.

But why VIKS? On the one hand, the word viks in Estonian means a stylish, polite and a well-mannered person. At the same time, it sounds almost like a fixie or fixed gear bike, which VIKS was in the first place – a fixed-drive urban bike. Today, it's something much more – steel, aluminium and carbon are used as the frame materials, while electronic gear shifting and strapping are available as options in place of a conventional chain drive.

Each VIKS is manufactured according to the exact wishes of the owner, from the dimensions of the frame and colour to the optional equipment. Various VIKS models have entered the world's top 10 bicycle designs (Designboom, BBC World), and today there are more than 300 owners of a unique VIKS. In addition to European roads, these bikes from Estonia are also traversing roads in Brazil, the US, Canada, Bermuda, Australia, the Philippines, Japan, China and South Korea. Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria celebrates the VIKS success story and highly recommends Velonia Bicycles!

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