Use pre-filled electronic passenger card at Sokos Hotel application

8 Apr 2021
The Sokos Hotels chain is the first in Finland to introduce an electronic passenger card. S-Card loyalty members will be the first to access the service.
With the constantly evolving digital services, we want to offer our customers the possibility of fast, smooth and secure transactions. S-Card customers with the Sokos Hotels application at their disposal will be the first to use the new service. The Online Check-in service is now supplemented with a pre-filled electronic passenger card. The customer only needs to complete the form with their signature.
The business traveller appreciates getting smooth access to their room after a day of work or travel. The new service is also fast and reduces unnecessary contacts between our customers and our staff.
With a pre-filled passenger card the customer only has to pick up the key from the reception. Some of our Sokos Hotels also have mobilekey available for S-Card members.
Prior to your arrival at the hotel:
  • On the day of your arrival, make your Online Check-in via the app.
  • Complete the pre-filled passenger card .
  • Your check-in is complete.
  • Pick up your room key from the Online Check-in point in the reception or activate mobilekey when available
You can download the Sokos Hotels app from your own app store. You log in to the application with an S-code. If you don't yet have an S-code, you can create one here »
Service is now available in all Sokos Hotels in Finland!