Updated exhibition is St. Petersburg

You are more than welcome to come and visit our updated art exhibition in Solo Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky where we currently present art works made by 7 internationally known artists from Saint-Petersburg.Aleksey Malenko's series of art works in realism and hyperrealism style, called «Forgotten Legends», tell us about the past, vanished dreams and attitude towards materialism. Art works of Rostislav Vovkushenky's awake intimate and cozy feelings, they are narrating about something that has been already seen somewhere – we are talking about French art. Sincere love to French people, feelings of harmony and style helps the artist to find his subject, composition and color solutions, at the same time avoiding direct imitations and quotations. In the art works of Karina Zamilova one can see different painting techniques, which bring out the unusual volume and lightness effect. In our interiors It is also possible to see art works of Maria Aristotava, this painter had already 13 personal exhibitions in Russia, Italy and Sweden, and also participated in 90 collection exhibitions. Other painter, Aleksandra Borisenko, is a regular participant in international art competitions and plein-airs exhibitions in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and Dubai. In VIIh art competition "Circus" her series of the circus posters gained the second place in the Graphic nomination. Landscape paintings and flower arrangements by Yulia Pinezhaninova are astonishing with the whirlpool of colors and expression. She has had five personal exhibitions in galleries of Saint-Petersburg, participated in plein-airs in Finland, France, Switzerland, Italy, and her works can be found in private collections in the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, USA and UAE.

For Design-Decorator Yelena Kakhotskaya this is a debut. Her art series named "the Energy of Love" are concentrating on energy of bright colors and emotions.