Travel safely in Finland

It's generally agreed that Finland, apart from being endowed with vast areas of unspoilt natural environment, is one of the safest countries in the world to visit. It's also one of the most honest: if you forget your phone or wallet in a store, bar or restaurant, for example, there is a very good chance that you'll get it back. Finns are generally a law-abiding crowd, observing traffic rules and generally going about their daily affairs in a socially responsible manner.

Health safety has come into sharper focus in recent months, of course, and it's an especially high priority in the Finnish hospitality business. Any Sokos Hotel, wherever located in Finland, follows the company's own strict hygiene and safety rules in parallel to government guidelines in daily operations. These are designed to ensure the safety of guests and staff while providing friendly, welcoming, efficient and attentive service.

You'll find a full list of Sokos Hotel's key safety measures and instructions for stays at the following link: