Kaarlo Haltian Aino-veistos sijaitsee Solo Sokos Hotel Tornin aulassa.
The Aino sculpture designed by Kaarlo Haltia greets guests in the elevator lobby.

Torni has the most bohemian art collection in Finland

An art collection, collected over decades, is one of the fine features of the renewed Solo Sokos Hotel Torni. The diverse collection includes paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs.  The art pieces are displayed in all areas of the hotel in different compilations. Pause for a moment to observe our art and find your own insights.

Collecting art in Torni has taken place over the decades almost on its own. Some works have been bought, others have been given as an exchange when the artist ran out of money during the evening at the restaurant and the bills ended up being paid with art. The collection has been compiled over several eras, and each piece narrates the story of Torni in its own way.

One major source of new pieces of art is the changing art exhibitions that have been held at Ateljee Bar since 1951.  Every artist whose work has been displayed in the bar with a view has left one piece of their work at the hotel as part of the agreement. Beautiful landscapes, views, people, longing and long-distance romance – the atmosphere of Torni can be felt through the themes of these art pieces.

Torni's own collection has been supplemented with art works selected from SOK's collection, which has brought multiple layers to the collection. By displaying these works to both locals and travellers, we want to celebrate the work S Group has done for over 100 years to promote Finnish art. 


Selected works

One of the interesting pieces in Torni's art collection is ‘Joy' by modern artist Elina Brotherus. The work consists of five photographs, and it depicts the emergence of joy, making the artwork perfectly fitting for Torni's atmosphere, which is full of joy for life. Another artwork that deserves mention is an Egypt-themed piece by Leena Luostarinen, a cosmopolitan. The inspiration for the work came from the artist's frequent visits to Egypt. It is a perfect fit for Torni, which is full of international travellers.

There is also an impressive display of sculptures in a glass cabinet in the hotel lobby. The most guarded artwork in this collection is the miniature of the Viheltävä Helsinkiläinen sculpture by sculptor Björn Weckström. The sculpture, which was donated to the city of Helsinki by Weckstöm, can be viewed in full size in Iso-Roobertinkatu a couple of blocks from the hotel.


Calm print art in the hotel rooms 

In the hotel rooms, guests can enjoy prints commissioned from artist Ari Pelkonen for the renewed Torni.

‘In my works exploring people, I avoid strict definitions. My artistic work is more reflective than declarative. My art works like a mirror – it shows moments and hidden feelings to the viewer. My works can be seen as calm, still and melancholic,' the artist says.

Pelkonen works between different mediums, combining woodcut printmaking and painting. The works are thus a combination of painted layers and carved and printed layers of woodcut.

Take a moment to stop and observe our art. Sense colours, shapes and feelings. Our wish is to offer everyone insights through art.