Top 10 non-standard reasons to visit Saint-Petersburg

If you are fond of getting to know the city in all aspects and are tired of the information about trivial tourist attractions, we have collected 10 appreciable but unusual reasons for you to visit St. Petersburg, in addition to the Hermitage and the drawbridges.

Reason No. 1. Weather

That's it, the possibility to see the contrasts from rain to sun or from heat to snow within one day is a feature making this city exactly what it is. It is important to have an umbrella with you always, this is true. And the fact that St. Petersburgers distinguish up to 50 shades of grey is also true.

Reason No. 2. Art at every turn

Street musicians, vagrant artists, poetry readings in the heart of the city - all this can be found in St. Petersburg every day.

Reason No. 3. City for a romantic trip

Petersburg is ideal for visiting with your best half. The embankments, roofs and well courtyards will create the necessary atmosphere and open all the romanticism and magic of the Northern capital to you.

Reason No. 4. Unusual concerts and performances

There are many projects in Petersburg where the events are held right on the house roofs opening a beautiful view of the city. This is off standard and is ideal for the warm season.

Reason No. 5. Houses where famous writers lived

It seems here that not a single famous person used to walk along all city streets. That is true, Dostoevsky and Pushkin walked in the same places as you, and here they were inspired to write their masterpieces.

Reason No. 6. You will always be shown the way in St. Petersburg

Petersburgers are very sympathetic and are always pleased to help - if you get lost they can even escort you to the right place. Even if this route is out of their way. Even if they talk to you in dumb show.

Reason No. 7. Roof tours

When it is warm outside, excursions over central and panoramic roofs of the city are organized in the city. This is an interesting option for dating and for leisure with friends.

Reason No. 8. Underground art centres and rock cafés

In addition to poets and writers, a number of famous rock musicians lived and worked in St. Petersburg. There are many locations in the city where they used to play or relax, and these places have a special atmosphere.

Reason No. 9. Interactive museums

The Museum of Mysticism, the Museum of Emotions, the Museum of Optical Illusions – this is what is needed for those who wish to complement the excursions to the Hermitage and the Russian Museum with something unusual.

Reason No. 10. For football fans - memories of the 2018 World Cup

Last summer proved to be a large international sports festival for St. Petersburg, and the memories of it are still alive throughout the city. You have still a possibility to take a picture with the Goal Kicker Mascot Dog, to buy keepsake souvenirs and visit the FIFA fans zone.

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