Themerooms in Vaakuna Vaasa

Original Sokos Hotel Vaakunas four themerooms are something else!

CLOUD room – sleep safe and sound. The blue and white room makes you so relaxed that the next day goes like clockwork.

FOREST room – close to nature. This room has plenty of warmth, even if it is rainy or cold. All of our thematic rooms are equipped with an electric kettle, bathrobes and slippers. 

ARCHIPELAGO room- A truly unique island cabin room for two. Step into a real 1920´s archipelago setting. The walls are clad with beautiful weatherworn wallboards and the storm lanterns bring a genuine cosy atmosphere of days gone by. The room is well appointed with modern features that are cleverly hidden or adapted to the island cabin style.

NORRSKÄR room - the interior in the room is inspired by the lighthouse on the Island of Norrskär, found in the Kvarken archipelago. The room has a beach house feeling and a hip young atmosphere. The two hammocks hanging from the ceiling are the perfect place to relax after a long day.

VAASA room - a home away from home! In this room you get a glimpse of Vaasa history from the 1920´s – 1960`s. The homely feeling in the room and the lovely details make this room so special.

ATELJÉ room - the room is like an art gallery. On display are the artwork of the local graphic artist and painter Juha Tammenpää.

Information and bookings: Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, customerservice, tel. +358 20 780 88 00