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Theme room Ryläys

Theme room Ryläys

The Ryläys Stone Falls look as if a massive rock mass suddenly froze in place as it rolled down the slope. A stunning natural monument, the rockfall, was formed at the end of Ice Age when the rock collapsed and "rumbled" onto the melting ice.
In addition to the 50-meter-high giant cliff, Ryläys offers stunning views of the Koli hills, Lake Pielinen, and Lake Höytiäinen. And no wonder, as the top reaches over 300 meters above sea level.
The journey to Ryläys takes you through varying terrain, including mossy coniferous forests and steep rocky paths through two-meter ant hills and along duckboards through a swamp.
Sit by the lichen-spotted rock. Feel the roughness of the ancient stone surface. Immerse yourself in the golden sea created by deciduous trees dressed in autumn colours.
Making a fire with a tinderbox
1. Kneel down on the ground, place the tinders in the campfire place, and protect them from possible wind with your body.
2. Hold the flint stick on your hand and let it touch the tinder.
3. Use the piece of steel to scrape the flint towards the tinder. Repeat the motion until you create a spark that ignites the tinder.
4. When you see the spark catching on the tinder, blow gently on it. If the sparks do not catch, continue making sparks with the fire striker and flint.
Please note that fires can only be made in designated areas. Check for possible forest fire warnings before making a fire, and make sure to extinguish the fire properly afterwards.
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