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Theme room Räsävaara

Theme room Räsävaara

Räsävaara offers a feeling of freedom brought by its open landscapes and unforgettable sunrises and sunsets, all year round. The observation tower rises over 300 meters above sea level and offers views of the national park's hills, Pielinen lake, and the Paalasmaa archipelago. The 18-meter wooden tower, which rises above the treetops, is impressive in itself - both as a sight and as a climbing experience.
But the views are not bad even without climbing the tower. In fact, the views have been captured in the works of several well-known artists. Räsävaara has been a favorite spot for Finnish photography master I. K. Inha and also for Koli's friend and our national artist, Eero Järnefelt.
In winter, on the other side of Räsävaara, there is a breath-taking ice paradise with high icicles that amaze visitors. The icefall wall extends over tens of meters and offers various colours.
As the frost pinches your face and the snow crunches underfoot, you can escape the cold wind by carefully slipping behind the icicles.
Exploring nature
Many people know about the Räsävaara observation tower, but in winter the hill should be approached from another direction. The hidden gem of Räsävaara - an icefall - is worth experiencing. Take a picture of the map, pack your snowshoes, and go on an adventure to the winter nature of Koli!
To get to the waterfalls, take the Martikkalantie road from Koli village, turn right at the intersection going downhill. The trail to the icefalls starts near the forest road on the left.
Turn your gaze upwards towards the top of Räsävaara: you can see the first glimpses of the ice wall from the road.
The icefalls formed by the dripping water from the Räsävaara cliffs can be higher than a person in some places and can be admired over an area of tens of meters.
You can also admire the varied colour scheme of the ice from behind the icicles - be careful not to break them or slip.
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