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Theme room Pirunkirkko

Theme room Pirunkirkko

Pirunkirkko is a Z-shaped crevice cave located along Rantatie road, 12 kilometres south of Koli. The cave is accessed by stairs and its opening is located on the right side of the stairs.
This mysterious place has fascinated travellers throughout history. According to a legend, the most powerful witch in the Pielinen region, Ukko Kinolainen, considered the cave as a place of power. There is even written evidence from famous artist visitors, such as a poem written by Eero Järnefelt on the wall at the beginning of the farthest branch of the cave:
"One secret, one spirit.
One happiness for both
This is the church
We will always remember its holiness."
Eero and Fanny 1893
Visit the Devil's Church by the roadside of Rantatie yourself - you can ask for a headlamp from the reception.
Feel free to let your inspiration flourish - or even try writing a haiku or tanka!
In a haiku, the poem forms one thought or sentence in three lines. Each line counts for syllables - 5 7 5 syllables on their own lines (example in Finnish):
Pirunkirkon luo
kalliota alas
käyn sisään luolaan
On the other hand, a tanka forms two thoughts or sentences in five lines. The syllable count is 5 7 5 7 7 on their own lines (example in Finnish):
Auringon valo
kallioiden raoista
meidät tavoittaa
Luolan perällä katson
sisään kirkkoon pirujen
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