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Theme room Mäkrävaara

Theme room Mäkrävaara

You may have visited Mäkrävaara without ever setting foot on Koli. The iconic views of Koli captured in Eero Järnefelt's classic painting "Autumn Landscape from Pielisjärvi" are from here, featuring the majestic peaks of Ukko-Koli and Akka-Koli, the highest in the national park. Mäkrävaara is also home to the famous crooked pine tree, which has become a national symbol and still poses for photographers on the slopes of the hill.
The seemingly endless steep rocky slope of Mäkrävaara can often be climbed alone, without anyone else in sight. The breath-taking views are complemented by another unusual sight. The rocking stone, a boulder carried to the top of the hill by the glacier during the Ice Age, has defied gravity on the rock for 11,000 years, leaning on just a few smaller stones. Mäkrävaara's views are not limited to Pielinen. A side trail leading to the western edge of the hill ends at a viewpoint where the entire Herajärvi valley can be seen from the edge of the cliff. The lake and the surrounding hills spread out in a beautiful landscape that shines with the colors of autumn.
There is nothing to add or remove. It's just you, the ancient rocks of Koli, and the sound of the wind.
Get Inspired by the Fells
Take half a day to visit Mäkrä Fell on a fall trip - take a picture of the map, pack some snacks and, if you wish, watercolours, and hit the road. Along the challenging route, you can stop to admire the views from Koli's highest peaks or rest your legs by sitting on Ikolanaho.
Let the majestic landscapes of Mäkrä Fell calm you down and soothe your racing heart from the climb. You can keep the national landscape with its twisted pine trees in your mind or let it awaken your creativity. What if you captured what you see with watercolours, following in the footsteps of Eero Järnefelt?
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