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Theme room Kaiskunniemi

Theme room Kaiskunniemi

There's something fascinatingly mystical about Kaiskunniemi – like in so many places in Koli. It's part of a sandy ridge left by Ice Age, which peeks above the water's surface, sometimes as peninsulas, sometimes as islands, running parallel to the ridges. The center of the narrow cape brings an element of adventure to Kaiskunniemi. Sometimes you can cross it on dry land, while at other times, the area sinks beneath the surface, leaving behind a floating island disconnected from the peninsula. When the water level is just right, crossing the narrow land feels like walking on water.
The trek to Kaiskunniemi is rewarded upon arrival. The view from the tip of the peninsula is like that of a paradise island: a long, beautifully curved stretch of pebble beach and a view opening up towards Lake Pielinen. Listen to the water lapping at the shore and the rustling of the aspens on the way there.
Let the rays of the sunset create an orange atmosphere as you return to the mainland along the ridge, with the whispers of Kaiskunniemi following you.
Sunset Hunting
Kaiskunniemi can only be accessed on foot for part of the year. During high water levels, it can only be waded to. At the right time in late summer and fall, when Lake Pielinen is at its lowest, the narrow central point of the peninsula is revealed, offering the possibility to walk all the way to the tip. The 2.5 km long sandy ridge offers a varied environment from pine forests to beaches formed by round white stones.
Kaiskunniemi has a special mystique on late summer evenings when the sun sinks lower and lower over the endless view of the lake. Not even the wind disturbs the surface of the lake when sitting at the tip of the peninsula on a calm day
On the nearby shore, there are countless stones - could you find the perfect stone for throwing it against the surface of the water? The stone must be flat - a round edge can also be helpful. The stone is thrown at a slant into the water, causing it to skip across the surface as many times as possible. The angle of the throw should be gentle: the ideal angle to the surface of the water is about 20 degrees.
How many stones can you throw into the water?
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