The summer of Koli begins 4.6!

Koli Ski's Disc Golf Course is opened as soon as the course is finished after the winter season. This 18-lane challenging disc golf course was opened a year ago in Ukko-Koli on the ski slopes of Koli. This unique course offers fantastic views but also a physical challenge as the course has over 200-meter altitude difference. The disc golf course is free of charge. Disc golf disks can be bought from Break Sokos Hotel Koli or Rinnetupa.

Ukko-Koli's Scenic Lift is open everyday from 4.6.-21.8. from 10am-2pm and from 2.30pm-5.30pm. The scenic lift offers you beautiful views on lake Pielinen. The lift's starting point is either from Break Sokos Hotel Koli's station on top of Ukko-Koli or from the bottom of the slopes, near Rinnetupa. Tickets for the lift can be bought from the top of Ukko-Koli from the summer kiosk or from Rinnetupa. On Rinnetupa's barbeque evening every Wednesday and Saturday the lift operates until 9pm. The lift is open with a weather reservation.

Summer kiosk on top of Ukko-Koli operates on the hotel courtyard daily from 4.6.-21.8. from 10am-5.30pm. In addition to delicious, sweet treats, coffee and ice cream the summer kiosk sells tickets to the scenic lift.

Ukko-Koli's Rinnetupa is open every day starting from the 4th of June from 10am-5.30pm. The sunny terrace of Rinnetupa is the perfect place to enjoy summery drinks, eat delicious Koli burgers or other delicious dishes not to mention our sweet treats. Rinnetupa also sells disc golf disks so you can get to know this great activity.

Rinnetupa's cozy barbeque evenings are returning this summer and now we get to eat a delicious barbeque buffet every Wednesday and Saturday starting on the 4th of June from 6pm-9pm. The menu can be found here. The buffet has the most delicious ribs and sausages grilled on the spot as well as fresh salads and side dishes. For dessert you can enjoy the sweet Finnish style crepes with different toppings.

Grill It! -restaurant serves you also with a lunch time buffet during the holiday season. Kaskenpolttaja buffet is served from midsummer until the end of July (24.6.-31.7.) daily from 12pm-4pm. Buffet with a S-Etukortti card 22€ (normally 25€), 4–12-year-old kids 11€. The menu can be found from the restaurant or from Grill It! restaurants website (Finnish).

Library bar Hiekkapakka is open during summer season every Friday and Saturday from 12pm-1am. The peaceful courtyard terrace is a perfect place to enjoy a cold drink whilst relaxing and overlooking the views towards lake Pielinen. Hiekkapakka also has a wide selection of books and board games. Hiekkapakka is also launching a wine tasting experience from 6pm-9pm. You can choose either white wine or red wine with three different types of wine. Tasting 20 €/person. Hiekkapakka also has a selection of small salty snacks- The rest of the evening goes by quickly with karaoke and music.

Break Sokos Hotel Koli's walk in -breakfast is served from 4.6.-21.8. everyday from 7.30am-10.30am. Breakfast with a S-Etukortti card 13€/person (normally 15€). You don't have to make a separate booking. You can just pop in any day! The breakfast is paid at the hotel reception and after that you can go and enjoy the treats.

Koli Relax Spa -scenery spa is open for the whole summer 4.6.-21.8. every day from 10.00 am-12.00 pm, after 6pm age limit 18+. Take time for yourself and experience the enchanting power of Koli in our unique landscape spa. Reward yourself after hike and unwind in the pools and in the healing warmth of sauna, enjoying the luxurious Finnish Lumene products. If you are visiting the spa with someone, your companion may change their spa products for a bucket with selected wines or local non-alcoholic sparkling drinks, Karpalokuohu made from cranberry juice and Lehtikuohu made from blackcurrant leaves, produced by Kontiomehu.

Get to know other services and activities from Here you can find tips on what to do, where to find camping/hiking equipment, bikes to rent etc. Create your own summer holiday at Koli! 

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