The Kuppis United team spirit is strong in Kupittaa, Turku


The Kuppis United team spirit is strong in Kupittaa, Turku

Here at Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa, we have based our activities since the opening coaching sessions on the thought that the core idea and leading theme of our identity is "Kuppis United – a winning team"! We won't leave our people behind, and we always see every "match", or customer interaction, through to the end. When we win, we celebrate together, and if we hit a losing streak, we support each other and spur each other on to do better.

The Kupittaa team consists of top people of different ages and with different backgrounds. We want to see all the team members train each other. There is great strength in collaboration and this carries us forward. Job satisfaction is always at an excellent level at our workplace, and we want to keep it that way. In addition, a smile, thanks and the consideration of others are a matter of honour to us, and we will not forget them even when we are in a hurry, This is also reflected in our customer service.

We are valued and widely listened to in decision making as we believe that we Kuppis members, who work daily with our guests, also know very well what our guests expect and value.

"It is a pleasure to join the Kuppis United team", says Sanna Paloniemi, the new hotel manager of Original Sokos Hotel Kupittaa, who is responsible for the business operations of both the hotel and the restaurant from 1 November 2022 onwards, as Tarja Jalonen takes over responsibility for the Turku Cooperative Society's whole hotel business. "Sokos Hotels' charming task is creating happiness among our guests. In the Kuppis United team, inspiring joy can be found even in small things, and we want to use this to enable unique memories for our guests of different encounters here at Kupittaa", Paloniemi says.

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Turku Cooperative Society is once again one of the most inspiring workplaces in Finland

Every year, the most inspiring workplaces in Finland are designated based on the Eezy Flow PeoplePower study. We are once again included in the list with our long-term systematic operations.